Spicy Garlic Potatoes


Not long ago I discovered blogger/cookbook author Gaby Dalkin . California girl. Avocado lover. Normally I wouldn’t be interested in her, or her recipes. I’m old and a New Englander. But, I like her recipes a lot. I find her genuine and happy. She’s a professional chef.  How can I not be charmed by her?

I have been cooking my way through both of her cookbooks. Her recipes have a southwestern flavor that I have been interested in exploring. You can look at her blog and decide for yourself. First, make these potatoes! They will spice up and ordinary weeknight meal.

1 1/2 pounds baby yellow potatoes

3 to 4 tablespoons olive oil

1 tsp. kosher salt

1 tsp. ground cumin

1/2 tsp. garlic powder

1/4 tsp. freshly cracked black pepper

Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees. The original recipe has it set at 425 degrees. I don’t usually cook at the temperature. I often cook chicken or beef in the oven at the same time. The potatoes will take a little longer to cook, but will still crisp up.

Cut the potatoes into quarters. You can use fingerling potatoes or even Russet or Idaho potatoes. Just peel them and cut into small rectangles, the approximate size of baby sized potatoes.

Scatter the potatoes on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle the salt, cumin, garlic powder, and pepper on top, tossing to combine. Roast for about 35 minutes until they are golden and fork tender.

The original recipe has you serve them with Toum (garlic sauce). It’s a fantastic condiment to serve with the potatoes. For garlic lovers only!



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