Hot time in the summertime…..

I made these today on a very hot summer day. I used a rotisserie chicken and jarred jalapeño peppers. It’s even easier and I think it tastes better! I added these changes to the recipe.The house did not heat up and I have leftovers for lunch!

Knosh and Knit: the world according to Nora

I made these the other day before that summer sun heated up my house. Of course, I forgot to take a picture! Don’t despair, this recipe was lovingly adapted from this Easy Chicken Enchilada recipe. Here’s a picture of them ready to be cooked!


Chicken Enchiladas

This recipe is super easy. I often cheat and used a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. If I have any leftover chicken, that goes right into the pan! You can make this as spicy or as mild as you’d like. This kind of meal doesn’t require a precise recipe, but some guidelines. I just eyeball the amount of chicken I use. You top the enchiladas with the remaining sauce. If you don’t think you have enough sauce to cover them, just add a splash of water or a little more of the cilantro base. The top is covered with cheese, so you don’t…

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Overnight Oats!!!



  Grab and Go Breakfast

I’m late to the Overnight Oats rage! Whenever I thought about it, my throat closed and I would start to gag. Soggy, cold oats…oh yum? Really? People like this sludge? Well, I had a lot of time recently. So I researched, and researched and beat the fun right out of this food. I wanted to have something different for breakfast or lunch that was fast and healthy. Fine. I tried it. Nora likes it! This overnight sensation is fantastic. I followed the basic Very Berry Overnight Oats recipe on the Quaker Oats website. You can also Google a bazillion other recipes. I want to try a peanut butter and banana one soon, maybe adding some chocolate chips!

What I like about the concept is you make it the night before and put it in the fridge. I recently brought some to work for a luncheon meeting, hoping I would be asked to leave. I was not asked. But I had a great lunch! It’s very filling.

The recipe includes Chia seeds. Calm down. It’s not a Christmas-time commercial, nor will they grow grass in clay. Chia seeds are a “super food” that have fiber, protein and Omega-3. Can that be wrong? I was hesitant about the Chia seeds, so I just bought a little at Whole Foods, from their bins. They are not that expensive this way.

I made this in some canning jars I had. They hold, maybe, 10-12 ounces and are wide-mouthed. You can use any container. Some people like to make a week’s worth at once. Ewww. I cannot imagine letting them sit in the fridge for several days, so I make a container each night. It takes minutes and it’s easy.

Let’s make some breakfast!

½ cup milk

½ cup Quaker Oats (not 1-minute)

½ cup of Greek yogurt (Vanilla is my favorite flavor, pick your own!)

1 tsp. Chia seeds

1 tbsp. honey

½ cup + of blueberries or any fruit

Add oats to container. Pour in milk. You can use almond milk, soy milk, any milk you prefer. Then I add the Chia seeds, yogurt, honey and then fruit. You want the Chia seeds to absorb the liquid, so add them on top of the milk and oats. I love blueberries so I often use them. I also like to add other fruits with or instead of blueberries. You can even use frozen fruit since it will be in the fridge overnight. I almost fill the jar with fruit, because the oats expand when they absorb the liquid. I don’t even mix this. I just screw on the lid., and put it in the fridge. I like to bring some almonds for lunch too. Who doesn’t love a salty finish to lunch? Just don’t try to each just one almond at a time. Just. Don’t.

If you are taking it to go, don’t forget your spoon. I stir the oats mixture and then happily consume.


Dark chocolate makes the very best…..broooowwwn-ies!

These are perfect for the Fourth of July cookout you’re having. Rich and delicious. Cut them in small squares.

Knosh and Knit: the world according to Nora


The Baked Brownie

I somehow stumbled upon this fabulous Brooklyn bakery while cruising along online. I have several of their cookbooks. They are droolish-ish. I have made several things, all chocolate, and am very pleased with their recipes. So, chocolate you say? Well, my favorite chocolate is milk chocolate…..ummmm…semi-sweet chocolate.. errrrrrrr……white chocolate. Well, let’s say I love most chocolate but dark chocolate. Until now! The original brownie recipe calls for all dark chocolate, but I used a blend of dark and semi-sweet chocolate. I was scared of too much dark chocolate. Of all things to be afraid of…..this fear stopped me cold. What if I didn’t like these brownies after using 5 EGGS? I hate when things don’t come out right. I mentally calculate the wasted ingredients and mope. This is the first recipe that I can say, beats out any brownie mixes I’ve used. I’ve…

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