Olive to try some balsamic vinegar



Recently hubby and I ventured to Providence Rhode Island. It was my first outing since surgery. We went to lunch in Federal Hill and then headed out to a wonderful bakery on Hope St. called Seven Stars Bakery and across the street to an independently owned specialty vinegar and olive oil tasting bar called Olive del Mondo.

At Seven Stars we splurged on some freshly baked bread and pastries. I want to go back on a Friday and try their Challah bread. We bought olive bread and some lemon cakes and chocolate croissants. At Olive del Mondo we bought delicious oils and vinegar. If you’ve never sampled different vinegars and oils you must. Try a local tasting bar like Olive del Mondo. They have everything on tap for sampling and pouring. We came home with a strawberry balsamic vinegar and an 18 year aged balsamic vinegar that is life changing.

That night I made a strawberry salad and used the strawberry balsamic. It was amazing. The strawberry balsamic was fruity but not sickly sweet. The aged balsamic is so flavorful. I always pooh-poohed all the foodies going on about aged balsamic. But aged balsamic is so much better than the store-bought balsamic. It brings a new dimension of flavor.The flavor is fruity with a subtle richness. This will make a summer of salads so much more delightful.

This shop has different sized bottles with very reasonable prices. We also bought a herb infused olive oil for dipping. For $32 we bought the two 200 ml sized olive oils and the vinegar. What a great gift idea. Some bread, some cheese and olive oil.  They have gift baskets and they ship. If you’re not local to Providence, find a tasting bar in your area.

Balsamic is not only for salads. Our friend Diana came over last night for dinner with our daughters. Dianna introduced us to both shops. She loves food. Dianna poured the strawberry balsamic vinegar over vanilla ice cream and brownies. It was fantastic. I would have never thought of it, but it paired beautifully with ice cream. She took a leap and tried something. It turned out to be fantastic. We ate all the brownies, but I will finish today with some vanilla ice cream and strawberry balsamic. Be adventurous with food!

Amare la vita e il buon cibo! Love life and good food!

2 thoughts on “Olive to try some balsamic vinegar

  1. I’m a big fan of Olive del Mondo–love their walnut oil! Glad you found them. Also, there’s another olive oil bar in Wayland Square, deep in the heart of Providence’s East Side (disclaimer: I haven’t shopped there yet). Great blog!

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